Mungai Eve Reveals She Earns Over Sh1.5m Monthly On YouTube

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Kenyan YouTuber Mungai Eve and her boyfriend Director Trevor have revealed that they earn more than Sh1.5 million every month.

In a candid interview, the two disclosed that the channel which has more than 140,000 subscribers was her boyfriend’s brainchild.

At the time they were creating the channel, Eve was not familiar with the social media ecosystem but was ready to learn how to become a YouTuber.

The first-ever cheque they got from the video platform was worth Sh100,000 but took time to access the money due to security protocols.

“The more views you get the more the revenue increases. What I get this month may not be the same amount next month,” she said.

“The reason we make money from YouTube is that our previous videos are still being watched,” Director Trevor added.

The two had already started monetizing their content within a week of creating it.


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A spot check by OMGVoice showed that the Mungai Eve channel had achieved close to 18 million views since January 2020.

Her channel focuses on projecting unscripted real-life experiences of youths from informal settlements.

Her impact in Nairobi and the online community includes the discovery of Madocho wa Kanairo who is a self-styled sheng master.

She has also interviewed other celebrities like Crazy Kennar and Mejja.

Source: Pulse

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