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This is Mr. Eazi.

Real Names of Nigeria's 2016 male vocalists

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He made some factual submissions about how Ghanaian music has a lot of influence on Nigerian music on twitter and his countrymen would have none of it and are on his neck for that statement.

This is what he said:

Now this has turned into a Ghana-Nigeria war once again and people are bashing him for making that statement while Ghanaians are defending him for it, creating tension on twitter.

1. This man who thinks no Nigeria man should ever give credit to Ghanaians.


2. Kojo Cue doesn’t see the sense in the attacks.


3. Comedians taking advantage of the rants


4. Those on his neck


5. This lady who wants him ostracized


6. And this…


7. This dude who decided to rename him because of his statement


8. They claim he’s a stranger in his own land


9. The one person who decided to let the truth out.


10. The call outs


11. This person who decided to rephrase his statement for him.


12. This man who decided to remind him of how he was betrayed by the people he was praising.


13. This man who gave his piece of mind.

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