Morris Babyface To Yaw Tog “Run To Jesus, Don’t Sell Your Soul To The Devil”

A call by rapper Yaw Tog urging up-and-coming artistes to be spiritually fortified before launching into the music scene has caught the eyes of music producer and singer, Morris Babyface.

On June 25, the award-winning rapper disclosed that he suffered a spiritual attack that nearly cost him his career but assured fans that he will soon bounce back.

“I feel like advising the young ones wishing to do music in the near future please be strong in the spiritual world too. I got defeated early this year but I’m back again and be beware of fake friends please,” he cautioned.

Morris reacting to the statement made by the ‘Sore’ hitmaker confirmed that there are many rots in the Ghanaian music industry.

Morris Babyface Advice Yaw Tog

The hate has witnessed the industry expected to support the craft of musicians rather than attempting to ‘bury’ them.

Yaw Tog has been admonished to seek Jesus Christ to avert falling in the arms of persons who might lead him on into seeking spiritual backing from elsewhere.

In a Facebook post sighted on June 29, Morris penned down a heartfelt message to his young brother, Tog, urging him to run to Christ to avert “selling his soul to the devil”.

“You see what I have always been saying? The question here is, is it JESUS CHRIST? This is Ghana! Where you can be blessed with many talents and the very people you’d wish to succeed and help or have succeeded and even helped, are those who will pull you down, destroy and bury you.

“If you are not careful, people will frustrate you so much so that you will end up selling your soul to the devil in the name of finding protection and fighting enemies. I pray this young talented boy finds Jesus Christ before someone deceives him into something dangerous. Only in Jesus Christ can we be truly protected! Hmmm! GHANA,” he lamented.


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