I Have Convinced A Lot Of Girls To Enlarge Their Butt – Moesha Buduong Brags

Ghanaian socialite and actress, Moesha Buduong claims she is Ghana’s version of Hollywood star Kim Kardashian due to her butt lift, and the fact that she influenced fellow stars to perform butt lift (liposuction)

Moesha, who has done two butt lifts, costing her nothing less than USD10,000, has said she is loved by Ghanaians but they hate to say the truth.

“I am Ghana’s Kim Kardashian,” she told Kwaku Manu on ‘Aggressive Interview’. “I am a pacesetter and loved my many Ghanaians but they hate to say it.”

She said she has influenced many celebrities and young women with her butt lift and that she has a perfect body.

“Whatever I do influence them and they love it. If they don’t call it fake, it means it doesn’t really look perfect. Because perfect is fake. Lipo looked good on me — and I know it.”

Moesha continued: “I know I motivated a lot of women to do it. I’ve helped a lot of women to perform lipo but I just don’t want to come out to mention their names. They are celebrities. Just that you don’t get the same result for everyone [people would have noticed it]. I always say you need a shape to make it perfect.”


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