Comedian Michael Blackson Cries “Ghana Is A Very Expensive Country To Live In”

American-Ghanaian-Liberian comedian cum actor, Michael Blackson is of the view that living in Ghana is immensely pricey. He said this on the heels of a recent enquiry he made on the cost of houses in the country.

In an exclusive interview with Doreen Avio on “Let’s Talk Entertainment” on JoyNews, the movie actor disclosed that he started building a house for his mother not long ago.

“I built a house in the village for my mother. The houses were pretty pricey but don’t get it wrong – the style of home I was looking for was equivalent to $200,000. I asked myself: how can one afford this with the salary they are receiving?” he quizzed.

However, Michael conducted a wider research and disclosed that there are less expensive houses on the Ghanaian market.

“I did more research and found that there are cheaper houses. You just gotta do more research and fortunately for my mum I could afford to get her a home… but how about those who cannot afford them? Even $50,000 is a lot of money for somebody”, he pointed.

The multi award-winning comedian also touched on interest rates provided by banks in the country and quizzed whether the institutions were able to give out loans to the average Ghanaian.

Irrespective of the high cost of living in the country, the ‘Coming 2 America’ actor said that he believes there is headway—as compared to decades ago.

“There is progress. There’s a big difference now than it was ten years ago,” he said.

He also called on Ghanaians living abroad to invest in Ghana, to better the fortunes of the country in the near future.

As part of investing back into the country, Michael is building a school in Nsaba—a town in the Central Region of Ghana. The school is expected to begin operations in September 2022. The opening ceremony is anticipated to be graced by the presence of the First Lady of Ghana, Mrs. Rebecca Akufo-Addo.


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