Mejja Talks About How He Sold Njugus Before Fame

Mejja talks about how he sold njugus before fame.

Mejja, aka Okwonkwo, aka Mtoto wa Khadija, hails from Majengo, Nyeri.

For a long time, he has sung and narrated how he struggled before coming to Nairobi to debut his music career.

Talking about his hustles, he told TV presenter Willis Raburu he used to sell ‘njugu’.

He said:

I was discovered at a talent competition and when I came to Nairobi, Clemmo spotted me and invited me to stay with him at his house. Before that, I was selling nuts. So even in my music, I write my personal experiences.

He added that his ‘Jana Kuliendaje’ hit song was inspired by a relative who would come drunk in the house, chased Mejja away and the next morning, the relative would wonder why Mejja didn’t sleep in the house.

He is currently making headlines with the song ‘Utawezana’ featuring Femi One.

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