Mejja Opens Up About Split From Wife, Says It Is ‘Confusing’

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Rapper Major Nemeye Khadija, better known as Mejja, has opened up about parting ways with his wife.

Speaking during a candid interview with Lynn Ngugi, the talented Genge star revealed that he and his wife called their relationship quits in 2020.

“We are not together at the moment. It is confusing because we were just fine. In layman’s language, I would give an example and say it is like being with someone for a few years, then they get a job, in a place like France.

This person comes and tells you, ‘this job that I got is my dream, my happiness’. Obviously, such news will get you off guard. Truth is, everybody should follow their happiness, even if it means going to France. I wasn’t prepared to be in a long-distance relationship,” said Mejja.

Adding: “I analyzed the situation and accepted to be in the long-distance relationship so that my wife could be happy. But it didn’t work out. We parted way in December 2020. I have tried talking to her twice about this, but we have not come to a solution because it is a very tricky issue. If what she wanted was I product I could go to the shop and buy, I would have, but I can’t. It’s also not something I’m confident with, but she insists on pursuing it.”

The Jana Kuliendaje crooner went on to disclose that their split pushed him to depression as he could not understand why they had to end their union.


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“What I can tentatively say is there is nothing as painful as that. That situation left me really depressed. I mean it would be less hurtful if I knew maybe there is something I did or she did that hurt us but it’s nothing like that.

Apart from that, she is a good woman, she is a good mother. She made me very religious. I wasn’t much of a praying type but after I met her I became very prayerful. She even used to help me when writing lyrics… It is not easy. She was my best friend – my everything, “added Mejja.

The Kansoul crew member went on to highlight scenarios he says best explain his ‘confusing’ predicament.

“I was sitting at home the other day and thought to myself, ‘people break up because of things like adultery, and such stuff, but nobody talks about situations like mine. Do I give up my career and be with the woman I love or do I risk leaving her without a thought of how the future will be?’ That is my dilemma.”

Source: The Standard

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