Meet Kofi Jagadu, The Young Genius Behind The ‘Kumerica’ Agenda

Kumerica is the latest word to have been added to the Ghanaian social media lexicon.

The word ‘Kumerica’ seems to be trending on Ghanaian social media and a careful examination of the word reveals that it is a combination of two words, Kumasi and America.

Kumerica has normally been associated with people from Kumasi who are now being referred to as ‘Kumericans’. The movement is gradually expanding as various celebrities are noted to have endorsed the movement.

Shatta Wale recently released a song for Kumericans after declaring himself a citizen. Sarkodie has also given shoutout to Kumericans in his latest song ‘Gimme Way’.

Apparently, it seems the movement is not just a social media trend but a whole agenda on its own brought up by a group of young people.

Speaking to, the CEO of the movement, Kofi Jagadu has given a detailed insight into the whole Kumerica movement.

Kofi Jagadu 3

Sit back and enjoy this breathtaking interview.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I am Kofi Jagadu (Antwi Kofi Lawrence) ceo of Kumasi Golden Sound record, the same record label that birth the Kumerica movement. I’m also a music artist with one Ep album out (pre blow)
When did this whole ‘Kumerica’ craze begin?
Kumerica was created on the 5th of January 2020 by  myself (Kofi Jagadu) and a colleague artiste called Blaq Foreigner. We were in my house where we usually rehearse our music recordings when I said to him that we need to brim America to Kumasi. Initially, I mentioned Kumasi America and right after I said that he said Kumerica. We all agreed to add that as our old group name with the old group name Poppula Gang
What brought about this ‘Kumerica’ craze?
The whole Kumerica craze started after my old music group (Poppula Gang) started working with another record label (Life living record ) where DMC, an artist in their label helped us to come up with our now very trending song AKATABOIZ . The other group (Life Living Record) were invited to an interview where they mentioned the Kumerica brand name because they were working with us at the time which led the interviewer to ask of the founders of the movement. That was when (Benk money ) the leader of the life living records gave us the credit for being the founders of the movement.
What is the origin of the word ‘Kumerica’ and why the word kumerica?
The word KUMERICA came about when we (I and BlaqForiegner) were having a conversation and came up with the idea of fusing American lifestyle into our music. I then said  said the words ( Kumasi America). Right after I said that Blaq Foreigner said Kumerica which is a combination of the two words Kumasi and America. KUMERICA because our audience live like Americans living in Kumasi
Is there an agenda behind  the ‘Kumerica’ craze and what is it?
Our agenda is to make Ghana know that we have lots of talent right here in Kumasi and with the Kumasi golden sound records we plan to create an industry is Music right here in Kumasi to explore talent
What were your expectations before coming up with the trend?
We always knew we would be Popular even our gang name says it all (Poppula gang KUMERICA) but we never thought it would be this fast.
Have your expectaions been met?
Well not yet since we plan to take our movement and label global and capitalize on this opportunity but there haven’t been any financial support yet.
Is ‘Kumerica’ here to stay
Yes KUMERICA is here to stay
What are your future plans with respect to this ‘Kumerica’ stuff/ How do you plan on taking the ‘Kumerica’ trend to the next level ?
By releasing new songs and outdooring new artistes from the region like (rapper abaazi, rocky todd, young savage, tony Dath, tiero and zyz) and also take the story of Kumerica to the screens by releasing the new tv series about the  beginning of the Kumerica movement
What one thing would you like to tell fans of the ‘Kumerica’ trend?
Keep believing in the movement
And listen to all the good music from Kumasi Golden Sound records.

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