Money they say is King of the world and as such all and sundry go after it each and every day. However, for some people, making money could not come easier than what they are currently experiencing.

One of such fortunate people is Floyd Joy Mayweather. The Former American Boxer is admired by many due to his excessive and incomprehensible wealth.

The CEO of The Money Team has now reached a status in his life where he charges people for very little things. Fans who want a message from the ‘Money Man’ can now get one, though it won’t come cheaply.

He now becomes the latest high-profile celebrity on a popular website where people can request for personalized birthday messages, boxing tips or motivational messages and charges a whopping $999 for that.

However, Mayweather’s claim that he is the most expensive celebrity on Cameo seems to be doubtful given that Caitlyn Jenner charges $2,500.

However, there are tens of thousands of requests for Mayweather who is set to become the first celebrity to make $1million from it.

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