Ghanaian Producers Are Very Stingy But Nigerians Pay Well – Martha Ankomah

Actress Martha Ankomah has opened fire on Ghanaian movie directors, calling them out for being too stingy.

According to her, when Ghanaian directors make money, they try to take all for themselves and not pay their actors well.

Martha said Nigerian directors on the other hand, pay very well when you work for them. According to Martha, that explains why many top Ghanaian actors/actresses prefer acting in Nigerian movies than Ghanaian ones.

She was speaking in an interview on Okay Fm with Abeiku Santana.

Ankomah went on a passionate rant against Ghanaian directors in the interview. Even after making a lot of money from the movie, they still don’t want to pay you well.

Nigerians, however, understand business and therefore pay well.

She said:

“…Ghanaian film producers are stingy. They make a lot of profit and refuse to treat actors well.

“However, Nigerian film producers pay well because they believe they will make a profit from the movie. When they offer us roles, they pay us better, and it wasn’t bad. People work because of profit, and when there’s profit, it motivates you to work well,” she added.


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