Date Rush: Rose Is A Gold Digger & I Am Not Stingy – Manbossey Fires (Video)

One of the contestants on TV3’s entertainment show “Date Rush” has finally spoken up about why he ended things with his date.

Rose, Manbossey’s date, claimed in several interviews that Manbossey was stingy and that he didn’t like the fact that she was constantly taking Uber for all of her rounds, which contributed to their breakup.

In response, Manbossey stated emphatically in a one-on-one interview with Ghbase TV that he was not and has never been stingy.

” I am not a stingy person. Rose may have created that impression about me because I couldn’t meet her demands. She was always asking me for money. Anytime I checked up on her, she’ll always say she was broke and needed money. A girl who takes Uber all the time while I take Trotro was a no go area for me. I didn’t like that at all and that’s why we broke up”.

When asked if he’d return to the Date Rush show, Manbossey said no, explaining that he’d rather go back to the streets in search of the lady of his dreams.


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