6 Months Noodle Supply For Man That Returned Ksh 490K He Found In Noodles Box

A Nigerian man is bound to enjoy a free supply of noodles for the next six months after he allegedly returned an equivalent sum of Ksh 490,000 to a shop owner owner.

Ogbonna Chidiebere’s reward of noodles comes as a token for his honesty.

According to a social media user who shared the story, Ogbonna had purchased a carton of noodles from a shop. But when he opened it, there was a huge sum of money sealed in it instead.

He put it back into the carton and returned it to the shop he had made the purchase.

According to the narrator, Ogbonna revealed that he returned the money because it did not belong to him and that he was also scared.


The excited seller hugged him and promised him free cartons of noodles until the end of the year, 2020 for his honesty.

It was revealed that the money which was to pay for some goods belonged to the shop owner who would have otherwise been so embarrassed about his loss and worst, in debt.

Internet users from all over Africa have hailed Ogbonna for his rare act of nobility.





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