Video: Man Addresses His Goats In A Meeting, Regrets Delayed Feeds

A South African man has been captured on video while he addresses his goats in a meeting and apologized for delaying their feeds.

The video that was uploaded on Twitter by @CherrolNgobese on Wednesday, September 2 has attracted sufficient viewership as many were left in stictches.

In the video, the man gathered his herd before his house and spoke to them in the same manner a leader would address their people.

He stood before the goats and calmly spoke to them.

He recalled having come home late the previous night. As such, he says he was unable to bring the feeds along with him at that time of the night.

man addresses goats in a meeting
The man apologised to his goats for not feeding them early enough. Photo: Cherrol Ngobese / Twitter Source: UGC

In his speech, he also assured them that their “food” would be served shortly if they maintained their calm.

“We are in a meeting now. I called this meeting to let you guys know I do not have your maize yet. I came home late yesterday and I could not buy it. I am going to head to Stanger (north of Durban) now to buy some for you guys. I hope you understand,” he said.

Surprisingly, the goats were very calm and appeared to be listening and understanding him.

Watch the video below:


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