Mammito once again takes a swipe at teenage socialite Shakilla

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Mammito has been on Shakilla’s case ever since she sent a DM to Eddie Butita asking him whether they could work together.

Having come across the DM screenshot shared by Butita on his timeline; Mammito could not hold back from saying a word or two about this.

As seen on Butita’s comment section, the female comedian went on to comment saying;

“Pepo mbaya riswa.”


Probably this was to mark her territory, I mean who wouldn’t be scared if they found the teenage socialite in their man’s DM? Well, I would and clearly Mammito too did not want the lass roaming around in her future husband’s messages.

Just when we thought this was over, Ms Eunice aka Mammito is back to trolling Shakilla; especially after the teenage socialite flashed her booty for the world to see. Why Shakilla why?

Anyway, by now I bet we have all come across the video showing her interview with Tory Lanez; and boy I’m I feeling sorry for the woman who birthed Shakilla.

Judging from Mammito’s latest post about Shakilla we can either conclude that she also feels sorry for the young girl; or was just disgusted by the fact that Shakilla’s online prostitute image was just getting too much for her to stay silent.

Through her IG page, the popular comedian went on to share a new post where she wrote;

“When the pastor is almost done praying and forgets to mention Shakila.”


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When the pastor is almost done praying and forget to mention shakila @foamartltd

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Call it marketing but clearly Shakilla got Mammito feeling some type of way!

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