Mama Dangote Takes Back Tanasha’s Car

Mama Dangote takes back Tanasha’s car.

Diamond Platnumz’s mother has repossessed the car her son gifted Tanasha Donna on her birthday last year.

This was revealed by Diamond’s bosom buddy, Juma Lokole. Tanasha dumped Diamond a couple of weeks ago, accusing him of infidelity. The couple share a five-month-old son, Naseeb Junior.

It was a gift.

Diamond gifted his mother, Sandra Kassim, aka Mama Dangote, and his bae brand new cars during a birthday party for the two last year. But Tanasha’s Toyota Land Cruiser Prado V8 was registered under Mama Dangote’s name, Juma said.

The ceremony was all for show, to push up ratings

This information came to light when a curious fan asked Juma if Diamond – who is currently out of a job thanks to coronavirus – will sell Tanasha’s car.

The car is still there. Why should it be sold? Naseeb is not one to sell his property.

The car did not belong to Tanasha.

Asked why she did not take the car with her when she walked out on Diamond and his philandering ways, Juma replied that the car does not belong to Tanasha.

Why should Tanasha leave with the car? The car belongs to Mama Dangote. In fact both the cars.

Who else thinks this super petty and unnecessary?

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