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1. Get close.

Throughout the years before we were born, there have been so many attacks against the Bible. Just unbelievable … one attack against another. most often the obituary for the Bible has been read and there has been one funeral after the other. You know what Voltaire said? when he was alive, he said within a century, the Bible will only be in museums. 50yrs after his death, Voltaire's house is now used as a printing press to produce and distribute stacks of Bibles. You can try all that you can to hammer against the scriptures but you will soon discover that it will hammer against you. One of the best things you can do when you meet an atheist is not to argue with them about Aristotle's laws of motion and various arguments for God's existence because they've heard them over and over and they have their response however inadequate it might be. What You need to do is to get them into the WORD. it's to give them what we call the 21 day experiment. Tell them i want you to read the gospel of John and i want you to do it one chapter a day. There are 21 chapters in the gospel of John and answer this simple question … who did John think that Jesus was? Even if you don't think anything about him. The exposure to the word of God is able to convict the soul. it is able to bring light to the soul it is able to bring conversion to the soul it is the Power of Gods Holy Word. #LEADERSHiP

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2. On a casual day.

The real issue is that we are contaminated today by a theology called "THE RELiGiON OF PROSPERiTY". The one that says i used to run around in a 1964 VW beetle and God showed me that i'm a Kings kid and now i have a Mercedes Benz. And this Kings kid philosophy sais that if you are really spiritual, God ought to be dumping a lot of good stuff on you, and that if you are really spiritual God ought to be giving you promotions and a better job and a better income and good grades and great recognition and so the prosperity gospel sais that God owes me something and therefore i am prosperous because i'm spiritual. Makes no sense, because the other side of the logic says that if people are poor it's because they are not God fearing and if people are poor it's because they don't love the Lord and if people are poor it's because they are wicked and sinful and lazy and if they just get right with God then they will get food. And if that's the truth then i don't have to feed them and i don't have to clothe them and i don't have to bring them to my home cos all they have to do is to repent and get right with God and therefore i have no responsibility and therefore i can keep piling and hoarding stuff on myself and try to justify my own prosperity by saying that it's because i'm spiritual. GOD SAiS NO! "WHOEVER WiLL CLOSE THEiR EAR TO THE CRY OF THE POOR, SHALL ONEDAY THEMSELVES CRY OUT AND NOT BE HEARD". Let's pray….: Father we pray that you will renew in us and in our hearts a desire to serve the poor as an act of worship. Help us to understand that this is not a special ministry that some people are called to. But at the feeding of the hungry and the clothing of the naked and the giving sight to the blind and the receiving of the homeless is the calling of every person who names you as Lord. Father forgive us for our excuses for blaming the poor for being poor. Create in us a new heart and a new mind in the name of JESUS CHRiST OF NAZARETH. Amen. #LEADERSHiP

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3. Now this…fresssssshhhhh!!!

Everyone is born with a sinful nature. This nature makes man live contrary to God's law. My mother conceived me in sin. The issue of Racism, is not Black vs. White, but sin in the human heart. it is not the slums or the environment that makes our community bad, but the sin in the hearts of the people who live there. Rather than attack a race of people and blame them for our dilemma, let us attack the sinful nature of man. Man's nature is the reason for the sad conditions in the world. it means that man's present nature must be done away with and replaced with a new one. That is exactly what God is doing through his son, Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches us that Christ carried our sinful nature to the cross with Him, it was for your sin that Jesus died on the cross. if you will change your mind of your sin and confess it before God, the Bible declares that God will give you a new nature which will be the very nature of Jesus Christ Himself. Can you imagine what would happen in The WORLD if everyone of us had the nature of Jesus Christ, God's son? Even though others refuse Him, it can still happen in your life. The Bible says, To as many as received him, He gave the POWER to become God's sons, Even to those who believe on his name. You can believe, right where you are, that the death of Jesus Christ provided a way for you to be free from your sinful nature. The moment you believe it, Christ will come into your life. if you will trust Jesus Christ, you will find, as i have, that all the issues of life are met and solved in him. Perhaps you are asking, “How can i be sure that all you are saying is true?” There is only one way: TRY iT! Ask Jesus Christ to come into your life. Trust him without any doubting. When he comes in, you will be a new person. Not because you would feel new, but because God's word says you will be new. Why not invite Jesus Christ into your life right now? And trust him to make you a new person. #LEADERSHiP

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4. You still wanna bet?

…but you see, the problem that we have is that we tend to think that truth can come only from those people we recognize to be anointed by God. That is the reason why when Martin Luther King came along and began to buck the system and began to do some things to help liberate black people, immediately, the "evangelicals" wanted to know, "is he born again? Does he preach the gospel?" Because you see,…if we could just prove that Martin Luther King was not a Christian, if we could prove that he was not born again, if we could prove that he did not believe the Word of God, we could dismiss what he said. We could dismiss the truth. My friends, you must accept the fact that all truth is God's truth, no matter who it comes from. #LEADERSHiP

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5. Then we got more coming your way.


6. Say no more.


7. Even in deep thought, you still can’t deny it.


8. Swag…

Life Has No Remote Control. Get Up And Change it Yourself. @fourfront1602 #LEADERSHIP

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9. Ladies and gentlemen, your Mr. World.


10. Helloooooo!!!


11. He’s got style too.


12. And fits in every traditional attire.