Magix Enga Narrates How He Joined Illuminati For Fame And Fortune

Popular Kenyan music producer Magix Enga has opened up about his allegiance to the dark world ‘Illuminati’ as his source of setbacks in his quest for fame and fortune.

While in an interview with Presenter Ali, he said he was introduced by some of his friends that Illuminati will bring him fame and riches.

Magix Enga Involed In A Car Accident scaled

After being part of them he was given what he wanted but he never sacrificed anyone. He claimed to have moved out of it and advised many youths to stay out of it.

“Don’t joke with something like illuminati coz you don’t know, mi nilikuwa na mashida kibao Bro yaani you know so nikanunua gari yangu ya kwanza, nikanunua ya pili, nikanunua ya tatu you know ilifika level ikakuwa pesa iko freshi” Said Enga.

His life drastically changed after joining the ‘secret society’ as money started flowing and so did his behavior change as he also started partying heavily.

After surviving a car accident along Thika Road, he got immersed in prayer and things started going south.

“nikajipata naanza kupiga sherehe sana, pale studio inafanya poa, management mambo mingi mingi nini, nikaanza kuomba Bro, vile nilianza kuomba nikafanya accident so from that day nilifanya accident apa Thika Road mambo haijakuwanga poa… So the moment nikizidi kuomba kitu moja inaenda, ukizidi kuomba kitu moja inaenda ingine inaenda “he recalled.

Magix Enga added that being born again saved him from the devil’s wrath.

He maintained that he has no bad blood with artist’s he helped blow up but have since turned their backs on him, he gave an example of high flying Afro Pop Singer Arrow Bwoy who has since cut communication with him.


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