Meet the newest internet sensation in Ghana.

They call her Rashida Black Beauty aka. Malafaka.

 Rashida Black Beauty


She won the 2016 viral video of the year at the 2016 Jigwe Awards.


And well, people think she didn’t really deserve it.


No serious, this guy even wrote a letter to Viasat 1 about it.

And there are those who have Rashida’s back, no matter what.

And here.

Then Afia Pokuaa of Adom FM had a lot to say.


And those who simply can’t beleive how she is famous in the first place.


And here.





This guy who thinks Ghana is about to end because of Rashida’s award.

The stop awarding stupidity crusader.

Rashida Black Beauty Is Ghana’s Favourite Superstar After Getting An Award Nomination Alongside President Mahama.