Remember D*ggy Style Will Be A Cr!me Too – Lydia Forson Reminds Advocates Of Anti-LGBTQI Bill

Lydia Forson has warned Ghanaians that the new Anti-LGBT bill that has been submitted to Ghana’s parliament and is about to be approved as law has loopholes that might land straight people in hot water.

Lydia’s article appears to imply that individuals who are chorusing from the depths of their diaphragm in support of the bill, as seen by their contempt for alternative sexual orientations, risk becoming caught in the web if the measure becomes law.

Lydia Forson, a long-time supporter of LGBTQI rights, came to Twitter to warn individuals who support the new bill to be cautious since the law might catch up with them.

The ‘A Letter from Adam’ producer and actress took to Twitter to caution those in support of the new bill to exercise caution because the law could actually catch up with them.

According to her own interpretation of the bill, even if you engage in doggy style, you could be going to jail.



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