As3m Aba! Lydia Forson Angrily Curses Fan Who !nsulted Her Mother After She Celebrated Her

Lydia Forson, an actress, has cursed a Facebook user named Otuya Rukevwe Godwin.

Lydia Forson cursed the man after he wanted to comment on a picture of Lydia Forson and her mother that was posted on TV3’s official Facebook page.

In his statement, the man said that Lydia Forson’s mother did not deserve to be honoured on Mother’s Day because, in his opinion, she should have told the award-winning actress that the dress she was wearing when they took the photo was too short.

The guy’s comment which reads: ‘If your mother can’t tell u that what u are put on is short then i will say Not all mothers are to be celebrated’ obviously got the Adam Apple actress very angry.

In response to this very illogical remark by this social media user, she said that he will never find happiness in this life until he turns to God and prays.

Please see the screenshots below.

Lydia Post

Lydia post 1



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