Lucky Man Found Alive Holding A Bible Under A Collapsed Building 2 Days Later

A lucky man was found alive holding a Bible under a collapsed building 2 days later.

What God can do no man can do, even in a million years and this you can take to the bank.

This was for the umpteenth time proven recently after a Ugandan man who had put all his faith and hope in the Almighty was rescued from the rubble of a building that had collapsed two days back.

Rescued from a rubble alive.

According to Nile Post Uganda, the man, identified as Mitana Kenneth was rescued from a rubble alive and rushed to hospital where he received treatment and stabilised.

The lucky human who was clutching on a Bible when he was found was traced about two days after a building he was in caved in.

Found holding a bible.

Reports indicated the building which was under construction collapsed in Lukuli-Nanganda village, Makindye division on Saturday, May 9, at night.

Eye-witnesses who saw his retrieval admitted in front of cameras that indeed the reason he remained alive 48 hours later was because of the Bible he was holding.

His recovery gave police and rescue team hope to keep looking and they found bodies of two people whose identities were not immediately made public.

The rescue mission was, however, condemned by area residents who said while police rescued the man, they left many others who they would have saved were it not for their ”hurry”.

Nine people lost their lives and two others are still fighting for their lives at Mulago hospital where they were rushed after being rescued.

The local police confirmed the incident holding that many of those who had been trapped in the rubble were construction workers who had been staying on-site following a presidential directive which restricted movement of people in a bid to stop further spread of coronavirus.

Ugandan media reported that about 15- 20 workers were on the site at the time of the accident.

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