Leave Your Boyfriend If He Has No Beard – Captain Planet

In this era, it seems it is not only men who have preferences when it comes to the opposite sex. The story is also the same from the opposite side as women also have preferences and things they look out for in their dream man.

One of such things is beard as most women go crazy over men with beard.

Ghanaian rapper, Captain Planet who was once a member of the 4×4 music group has re-iterated the importance of beard to ladies and has advised ladies to leave men with no beard.

While flaunting his beard in a video on twitter he said ladies who are in a relationship with guys with no beard should break up with them because he sees no importance of a guy with no beard.

He captioned the video:

‘so your so called boyfriend doesn’t have beard? What the fuck you still with him for?’

Watch the video below:


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