Why Larry Madowo Is Mad About People Using The Term “Githeri Media”

Larry Madowo is mad about people using the term “githeri media”.

The terminology was branded on the media for alleged little investigative efforts and misinformation in the stories aired and published.

On Friday, March 13, the Knight-Bagehot fellow called out a local media station for failing to report on positive issues and feel-good content and informing the public, instead, using his name to ‘trivialize a pandemic with clickbait.

Corona virus case.

Following the confirmation of the first Coronavirus case in the country, Kiss 100 put out a tweet quoting Madowo. “But first we’ll live – Larry Madowo after Coronavirus hits Kenya,” Kiss 100’s message read.

Madowo responded stating

You didn’t report when I was the only Kenyan selected as a Young Global Leader. But you’re quick to use my name to trivialize a pandemic with clickbait instead of informing the public.

In response, one Jentrix Omondi stated:

Githeri media. All they want is to make headlines based on absurdity.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday, March 14, Madowo stated that the slur masked efforts by some hardworking journalists and media practitioners.

He asked that the less informative and misleading scribe be called out, rather than lump them all into ‘githeri media.’

I don’t like this githeri media slur because it’s wholesale condemnation. It devalues the work of many fine journalists in the Kenyan press. Criticize the terrible ones by name.

The former NTV journalist stated that countries required the media at all levels. He stated that the fourth estate had a role in society, serving as watchdogs to report on actions of both the leadership and its people.

Madowo noted that journalists owed it to people to be truthful and accountable.

A functioning democracy needs a strong, professional and independent media at the local and national level. Their job is to cover important regional or national issues, keep everyone accountable and speak truth to power.

The award-winning journalist recounted on his time in the Kenyan media industry, pointing out the hard work involved in putting out content despite limited resources.


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