Lady Shares Kid Sister’s Perfect Life Goals, Kenyans React Hilariously

A lady on Twitter has shared her kid sister’s perfectly planned out goals and when she expects to achieve them: something Kenyans have reacted to hilariously.

According to @Ace_Davids, her 12-year-old who is a sixth grader has no idea how life works and especially when it comes to the idea of reality versus expectations.

Her younger sibling clearly outlined her life-long objectives on a piece of paper and when thinks she will have accomplished them by.

According to the ambitious young lady, she will be through with high school come 2027.

Afterwards, she will enroll in medical school for a further six years.

By 2034, immediately after her medicine degree, she wrote that she would be at her first job.

In 2035, God willing, she will be married and spending the rest of her life with the love of her life.

Sharing the photo on social media, Ace asked whether or not she should burst her sibling’s bubble or just let her dream on.

“This is my sister’s life plan.. Kako class six… Nimwambie ama niache,” @Ace_Davids wrote.

Here are some of the reactions:


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