Lady Meets Man At Bar, Refuses To Leave Saying He’s Husband Material

A young lady who met a man at a bar on Friday has now refused to leave his house saying that he will make a good husband.

According to a post in a Facebook group titled Tell It All, the duo met at a snacks bar where this “gentleman” spoiled her rotten.

He then took her to his house where they spent two days enjoying each other’s company.

The man expected that the lady would leave the following morning, but she did not.

In fact, she pleaded with him to let her spend another night.

After the second night, the said man figured it was time his guest ended her camp.

On Sunday morning as our guy prepared to leave for church, he left the lady some money to use as fare on her way out back to where she had come from.

He hoped she would be long gone when he returned.

Alas! The young woman was still comfortable at home when he got back.

The house was sparkling clean with the laundry done.

lady refuses to leave man

There was a ready meal for him to devour as she had purchased the food with the “fare.”

“To my greatest surprise, I came back and met her again. She had cleaned up the house, washed my dirty clothes and prepared food with the money I gave her,” the man recounted.

According to the man, he asked her why she had not left yet. She said:

“I do not want to go because you have been so nice to me. You will be a good husband”.

The man is now seeking your valued advice.


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