Lady Gaga Shares More Teaser Photos from “Stupid Love” Music Video

Lady Gaga is giving fans an inside look at the music video for her upcoming single “Stupid Love.”

On Thursday, the Grammy Award-winning singer shared a teaser on Instagram from the video, which drops Friday at midnight EST.

lady gaga pink hair stupid love

The teaser opens in a desert as Gaga — who has her long pink hair in a high ponytail and is wearing a sci-fi-inspired, metallic bikini — leads an army of futuristic soldiers who are all wearing green and yellow.

As Gaga’s comrades drop to their knees, the “Shallow” singer mouths, “All I ever wanted was love,” before she crosses her chest with her arms, as does her army.


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Gaga captioned the Instagram teaser, “ ‘STUPID LOVE’ THE SINGLE & MUSIC VIDEO OUT FRIDAY 2/28 AT MIDNIGHT ET.”

She also shared an Instagram photo on Wednesday of her look in the music video, which also includes some futuristic metallic decals on her face.


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