Lady Proudly Flaunts Lover Boyfriend Washing Her Pants (Video)

The statement that love can make you do anything is actually very true as a lady has caused a massive stir on social media after flaunting her boyfriend washing her pant in a video.

In the video, a young man is seen busily washing the pant of the young lady who was sitting beside him and chatting while he did the deed.

The over excited and proud lady decided to capture the moment on her camera and also show the face of the man who would practically do anything for her – including washing her underwear.

In order to show the world her romantic boyfriend, the young lady first recorded herself smiling and excitedly said: “See my boyfriend”, as she panned the camera to the side that would show her man’s face.

Upon realizing, the guy quickly leapt out of the stool he was sitting on and used a see-through basket to cover his head.


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