Castrate Him Now, Social Media Users Blast Dr. Kwaku Oteng For Chronic Womanizing

It is now no news that wealthy Ghanaian business man Dr. Kwaku Oteng, is a chronic womanizer.

Over the past few years, the business mogul has been at centre of successive sex scandals

He currently has about 6 wives to his credit excluding his side chicks. And we don’t know if the strength of the devil between his legs is causing all these messes.

Following the chronic womanizing habit of Dr. Kwaku Oteng, a lot of netizens have been blasting him as they think his attitude has a bad influence on the youth.

From what we have gathered, netizens suggest Dr Kwaku Oteng should be castrated for the next 7 years so he can allow the ladies to grow and also leave the young ladies in the hands of UCC, KNUST and UG graduates.

According to some Netizens on social media, Dr Oteng has been using his wealth to deceive young ladies and it’s about time it stopped and the only way that can happen is for him to be castrated.


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