Earlier this week, Kumawood released the trailer to it’s version of the popular game and movie, Mortal Kombat.

We uploaded the trailer on our page, which quickly went viral with almost 4,000 shares and 150,000 views.


That’s not all, the video has made it unto US websites, Kotaku and The Verge.

… both websites cover technology and gaming news. So it’s huge for the people behind the movie.


This is the producer of the movie

… Amidu Alidu, commonly known as “Committee”, says he got the inspiration for the movie after years of operating a “Game Center”, a place where most Ghanaian kids paid to play console video games in the early 2000s, Amidu is a die-hard fan of video games, obviously 🙄.


Production of the movie

Committee told Pulse.com.gh, that it took a month and cost him ¢10,000 ($2,500) to shoot the movie. The movie was shot in a forest at Ashanti Region’s Nkawie Mpepetia.


What’s next …

Committee says he’s working on a new flick titled “Jungle Girls”, he says he’s a big fan of the “Fast & Furious” movie series and Bollywood action movies. We all definitely can’t wait to see what he’s got coming next and the full version of the trending Mortal Kombat movie.


Now that you know, you should see here behind-the-scenes photos of the Mortal Kombat movie.