Kuami Eugene Shares Why He Believes Nigerian Music Is Doing Better Than Ghanaian Music

Award-winning Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Kuami Eugene, has shared reasons why Nigerians are ahead of Ghanaians in the music industry.

According to him, it is not only because they produce better music, but because of how united and supportive they are of their creatives.

“For us to get to the top, we do not only need sound. Left for sound alone we can also be there because Ghanaians equally produce good sound as Nigerians,” he said.

He told Doctar Cann on Happy 98.9 FM’s Ayekoo After Drive Show,

Burna boy made it to the Grammys because of the support he got from his people back home. We are doing good music and there is nothing wrong with our sound. Take No Dulling for example, it is a very good sound together with many other songs of mine and they all went very far.”

He disclosed that Nigerians always have an upper hand than Ghanaians because of the kind of support they show their artistes, and also their music promotion methods.


Kuami Eugene new hair

Kuami Eugene believes if Ghanaians change their marketing style, they might even surpass Nigerians.

“It is about marketing and marketing comes with numbers which they have. They are currently a 100million ahead of us so we will need a lot of work if we want to catch up with them,” he emphasized.

He also believes another reason Nigerians are ahead of Ghanaians is that they believe in collective support.

“They have told themselves Naija never dey carry last so they always put themselves first in whatever they do and they only consider positioning others where they are comfortable,” he added.

He also furthered that, unlike Nigerians, Ghanaians exert too much negativity and pay more attention to foreigners than we do to ourselves.

“Our culture allows us to avail ourselves and our industry to others and that is what we have done. We go as far as including them in our top 10 charts whiles they do not include us in any of theirs which is bad.”

“The little time we get to support ourselves too, we end up using it to fight amongst ourselves. We only support the negatives rather than pushing the positives”.

He disclosed that he is currently on one of the biggest songs in the world which belongs to Ckay and features himself and Joeboy, but yet still it is not being pushed or spoken about whereas, Nigerians have taken it personally. “They are proud it is the first African song to get to the level at which it is so they want to take it higher. But no Ghanaian has spoken about it because it has to do with something positive.”

“All I see them talk about are the negatives and rumours. We just enjoy spreading the negatives rather than the positives that can benefit all of us which is very sad”.

He believes love should come first wherever Ghanaians find themselves “and we should always promote ourselves If we want to be at the top.”

Suggesting how to make this a reality, he said, “We can actually decide to set one year aside to only support and promote our local artistes and see how far we will go as a country.”


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