Angry KOT Want Aoko Atieno Back To Facebook For Attacking Feminists

Days after writer Scophine Aoko Atieno was celebrated by many for her bold attacks against “feminists”, Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) now think she has overstayed her welcome and should be headed back to Facebook where she belongs.

On this day, July 9, KOT have created a #RudishaAokofacebook under which they want the writer signed out of the platform.

However, there is a divided front as some men really agree with Aoko’s advice to manipulative women who use their bodies to extort money and other valuables from men in the name of feminism.

She also went after comedian Elsa Majimbo for claiming her dowry will not be less than KSh 4 million.

“The truth hurts! She said nothing but the truth. And the fact that you can involve her community in this… Says a lot about your reasoning,” one @TheLeaders_Post replied to an anti-Aoko tweep who attacked her community.

Aoko who is known for her solid vocabulary dramatically rubbed it into the face of the person that initiated the hashtag to kick her out.

In her attack, she called out the guy saying his birth certificate must have been an apology letter from a condom manufacturer and that she was going nowhere.

And just then, more shots were fired…

There was also an exchange between the journalist and socialite Bridget Achieng who claimed her womanhood is very expensive and that she can never give it to anyone for free.

Aoko reacted by saying Achieng’s womanhood is nothing special compared to that of the other women selling their goodies¬† in the same ‘profession’.


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