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Korede Bello is a Nigerian singer and songwriter currently signed to Mavin Records.

Paul Ukonu


He’s known for his popular Godwin song which is a tune even after two years


He used to have his hair like this

May you be joyous the rest of your life #MyPeople #Belloved

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And then all of a sudden, we go on his Instagram and see this


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And we’re honestly like

Chris Rock Huh WTF gif

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People on his Instagram seem to like the new hairstyle however

Love ur new look 🔥🔥


And others like us have expressed dissatisfaction

I will declare a protest tagged “bring back our curls”


We want to fight whoever told him to change his hairstyle because we’re sure we don’t like it.


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But it’s his hair


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Clearly, someone at the Mavin HQ has been speaking to them about this because Dr Sid did something to his hair a few days ago.