Kiss FM Welcomes Jalang’o To The Station In Style

Sensational comedian and radio presenter Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o has turned up to work at the Kiss FM studios and they alongside his new co-host, Kamene Goro have received him in style.

But this day is not just great for Kamene and Kiss 100, but also for Jang’o fans as they will be able to hear his voice live on air again.

Jalas and Kamene will be co-hosting the station’s breakfast show every week day from 6am all the way till 10am.

The station shared on its social media platforms announcing the beginning of the duo.

Jalas and Kamene Goro On Kiss
Jalas and Kamene Goro On Kiss

Jalang’o is no newbie at this station as he worked alongside media personality Caroline Mutuko during her glory days on radio.

An excited Kamene shared videos of their newest duo seemingly having a great time at work.

As such, they pre-arranged a welcome party to congratulate him on his new job as well as celebrate his re-entry into their studios.

“And there was cake!” They wrote on Facebook.

Kamene was working with Andrew Kibe before he recently exited from the station.

Jalang’o lost his previous radio host job at Milele FM following a contract-related dispute between him and his now former employer, Mediamax.



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