Kinga Kaka And Other Celebrities Pledge The Money Uhuru Will Give Them To The Needy

King Kaka and other celebrities pledge the money Uhuru will give them to Needy people.

When President Uhuru Kenyatta on April 6 announced that Sh200 million will be paid out every month to cushion artists from the effects of coronavirus and that he has directed the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage to set aside a further Sh100 million, creatives breathed a sigh of relief.

For rapper Kennedy Ombima aka King Kaka, however, all his proceeds from the fund will be donated to the less fortunate that have no ways to fend for themselves.

Taking to Twitter, the Wajinga Nyinyi hitmaker pledged that he would give out his share to needy families; to ease their struggle during this trying time.

I will donate my share to the needy families during this trying time.

That is not all. The rapper, through the King Kaka Sanitary Bank Campaign, is also distributing sanitary towels in slums.

King Kaka said:

The King Kaka Sanitary Bank Campaign has today distributed sanitary towels to young adolescents mothers from Kiandutu Slums, Kiambu County. This was done by one of our partners @drsusangitau, we thank you Daktari for the good work you are doing to help girls of Kiandutu slum.

Terence Creative.

Joining King Kaka in the charity drive is comedian Terence Creative who asked the government to redirect his earnings to the needy.

In a letter to the government posted on his Instagram page, Terence opted to give to assist those that could not put food on the table due to the ongoing pandemic. 

Hello, government please direct my money as an artist to assist in fighting this pandemic and the needy Kenyans who can’t put anything on the table cause if the current situation. #prioritiesfirst #Kenyafirst.

Akothee also pledged her money.

Offering another helping hand is singer Esther Akoth better known as Akothee who offered to provide masks and soap.

What world would we have if all women accepted that we are women and can do great things together to support our community, I need sanitizers and liquid soaps to go and distribute to those who have no idea of what’s going on in the world. Where can I buy the masks?

She added:

Where are those women who manufacture homemade soaps, let me be your customers today, I know that business so msinigonge, I know the price, please if you have some drop in on inbox with the price, thank you @akotheefoundation, let’s start with 10 litres packed in small containers.

It did not end there, the Lotto crooner through Akothee Foundation has teamed up with Tuskys supermarket to collect donations that will be used to feed the less fortunate.

As you think of your families during the lockdown, also remember those who live from hand to mouth and vulnerable communities, @akotheefoundation @tuskysofficial, please shop for just one family and drop at our shopping basket at the tuskys Mtwapa Mall entrance @akotheefoundation God bless.

However people are saying that the money allocated to musicians is very little.


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