Khaligraph Jones Talks About His Hustling Days As A Bouncer

Khaligraph Jones talks about his hustling days as a bouncer.

Khaligraph Jones hardly ever opens up about his past, but he recently shared that he once worked as security for a club.

The real O.G must be respected, not just because of the major hits he has supplied fans over several years; but more importantly because his past trials that have lead him to where he is today.

Khaligraph has been able to invent himself. 

Al Goldstein says true success is the ability to invent yourself.” Jones’ ability to get over obstacles, create a life for him while making his way to the top, is yet another reason why he deserves major respect.

Speaking on an interview with Richard Njau on Cleaning The Airwaves, AFRIMMA award winner Khaligraph Jones noted that he worked as a bouncer at Skylux Lounge, as well as for a club near Wilson Airport.

Explaining why he worked the long hours as a bouncer, Baba Yao as he is fondly known to fans shared he worked to make ends meet.

He said:

you needed to eat coz music is not giving you any money, and we were not doing music with the intention of making money; we were doing music because we were passionate about it. It was not a side hustle…it was my hustle.

Speaking about taking music more seriously, the ‘Omollo’ rapper admitted that he was fired after a co-worker snitched on him, but as it turns out his purpose was much greater.

From earning Ksh500 per night as a bouncer, Brian Ouko Omollo’s trajectory changed when his music landed in the hands of the renowned spin-master DJ Pinye.

He eventually got an introduction to Homeboyz Radio, but there was no opportunity for Jones to level up.

Reminiscing on that time, he pointed out “Homeboyz was not interested in Khaligraph Jones…I was just recording, there was no plan, along the way I came to realize that these guys were not interested in me.

Later in 2012 however, he went on to become a mainstay in the Capital FM hip-hop cypher that showcased local talent, earning him a large audience.

Channel O Emcee Africa 2009 finalist has now become one of Africa’s biggest names on the continent.

His latest album ‘Testimony 1990’ which was released in 2018 earned him loads of accolades, continuing to propel his name high above the composition.

Working with various acts including Kenyan songstresses Fena Gitu and Sagini as well as Naija rapper Ycee and Banku pioneer Mr. Eazi; Jones has ensured his music also crossed barriers taking Kenyan rap to the world.

(H/T Capital Sauce)


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