Khaligraph Jones Teases Fans By Sharing A Sneak Peek Of A Gospel Song He Is Working On

Khaligraph Jones teased a song that has somewhat resonated with almost everyone who has had the privilege to have a listen to it.

Khaligraph shared a short skit of how he came about recording the song that sees him rapping to the beats of the ‘Sifu Bwana’ record which is a gospel song that gives praises to God for everything He has done for him.


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Khaligraph was raised in a Christian family, and his mother is a saver of souls as she preaches to date.

The rapper stated that his mother supported what he is doing in 2018 when he was on a move to release an album dubbed Testimony 1990, and his mother passed by his studio to pray with him for the success of the album.

“Mum’s just passed by the studio to get her copy of the Testimony 1990 album, and she was really feeling track number two called ‘Blessing’,” he said. “She also prayed for the album to be more successful.”

In a recent interview with a local publication, the rapper stated that he was not interested in doing gospel since he had different ambitions and knew the life he wanted to live.

“Although I started rapping when I was a kid. I started with gospel music in 2004. I recorded my first song together with Hope Kid – we even formed a group.I wanted to do something I wanted to do and not do it because of influence. I wanted to create my own path.At that time, where I came from, everyone who was an artist was doing gospel, but I wasn’t comfortable, and I did not want to ask people to lead a life that me, myself I wasn’t leading,” he concluded.


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