Kenyans Hilariously React To Joan Kubai’s Fly Mansion After “Home Tour”

One social media user identified as Joan Kubai recently shared videos flaunting both the exterior and interior of her parents’ super fly mansion after a tour of the home she virtually offered her followers.

Joan who is eating life with a big spoon initially shared the video that has since gone viral through Snapchat.

She revealed that her parents have their private living where they sit and watch TV. But still, there are three more living rooms within the mansion!

She has since left many netizens admiring her life and wanting to take a better look into her life.

Apparently, based on her reaction asking for privacy due to the endless responses and direct messages she received afterwards from curious strangers, she was not expecting to draw that much attention.

As a take away for her, she has gained more following on her accounts than before.

Kenyans who saw the videos marveled at this kind of lifestyle and how large the house is.

Some created impressions of how their life would be if they were the ones in Joan’s shoes.

A number of them responded with some hilarious vibes. Take a look:


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