Kenyans Critique A Weary Miguna Miguna, He Fires Shots Back

Kenyan netizens are concerned about Miguna Miguna after he shared a photo of himself looking weary and thinned-out alongside a friend in Canada.

In the photo with a Jackson Igbinosun, Miguna looks fragile, slimmer and with an unkempt beard.

Well, Kenyans have noticed and now want the government to allow the general back home.


One Twitter user joked that Miguna is aging before he can liberate “us” from the “despots”.

Others joked that he is no longer the vibrant general they know from a while back when he refused to board the plane back to Canada after he was denied entry into the Kenyan territory on March 28, 2018.

The lawyer has been in exile for two years now since he was thrown out of the country for participating in the “swearing in” of Raila Odinga as president.

File Photo of Miguna Miguna And Pro-NASA Politicians During 'Swearing In' of Raila Odinga.
Opposition leader Raila Odinga holds a bible aloft after swearing an oath during a mock “swearing-in” ceremony at Uhuru Park in downtown Nairobi, Kenya Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018. Odinga was sworn-in as “the people’s president” during a mock “inauguration”, in protest of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s new term following the divisive 2017 election, and despite the government’s warning that the event would be considered treason. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

As expected, a savage Miguna Miguna shot back at those finding “fault” in his look.

According to him, losing weight is healthy and those that think that gaining it instead is a sign of prosperity are misguided.

“To zombies: Losing weight is healthy. OBESITY which you consider signs of PROSPERITY are SYMPTOMS OF IMPENDING DEATH from hypertension, diabetes and other diseases,” he responded in a tweet.

Addressing the concerns over his beard, he said:

“Any MAN above 40 has GREY HAIR. Your looters PAINT their hair grey and beards due to lack of SELF-ESTEEM.”

Miguna Miguna has so far made a number of attempts to return to Kenya but none has been successful. His most recent one was in January 2020.


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