5 Kenyan Celebrities Who Have Been Involved In Cheating Scandals

These are the Kenyan celebrities that have been involved in cheating scandals. 

Staying faithful is hard especially for celebs who mingle with hot girls and cute dudes at entertainment hotspots or any other places for that matter.

A number male big shots have admitted girls easily threw themselves at them whenever wherever. But these are the celebrities that actually chose to cheat.

1. Eric Omba

We got to know the preacher-cum-gospel singer had a loose zip when his wife told on him. Gloria Muliro left her husband in September last year and she exposed his unpalatable appetite for devouring girls.


2. Kenrazy

The first incident we heard Kenrazy was cheating on his wife, Sasuun, was way back in 2013. The Kenyan Daily Post published a story that alleged the rapper was involved in all manner of debauchery with a lady by the name Sally who was infected.


3. Alusa

Melvin Alusa is a married man but this didn’t stop him from vibing a random chick he met in a KBS bus plying Mombasa Road.


4. DJ Crème De La Crème

DJ Crème, a family man, was seen in a viral video crying like an abandoned puppy as Halima energetically smashed him. Of course he apologized and everything went back to normal.


5. Susumila

His beautiful wife divorced him in 2014 after he allegedly developed an eye for the titillating singer, Kush Tracy. The ‘Hidaya’ hit maker watered down the claim but unconfirmed sources say Susumila is philanthropic with his Johnny and that was the reason why Kibibi Salim parted ways with him.


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