Kenyan Artist Who Caught Steve Harvey’s Attention Lands Lucrative Deal With International Personalities

Kenyan artist who caugh Steve Harvey’s attention has landed lucrative deal with international personalities.

Kenyan pencil artist Collins Omondi Okello has opened up on the great success that came with comedian and TV host Steve Hervey’s recognition of his work.

The artist has seen his profile and workload expand massively in both local and international markets.

As earlier reported, the talented Omondi was to meet Steve Harvey on his strip to Africa and present him with his drawing, but as it stands Harvey’s visit is highly unlikely due to the global pandemic faced. However, he assured his supporters the pending meeting was still going to happen.

Omondi was assured:

My last communication with Steve, he confirmed that his team will get back to me with all the necessary information. It will happen, Steve assured. Only the time is still unknown for obvious reasons. It could be anytime, just awaiting confirmation.

The artist said he received great attention and the impact the acknowledgment had on his craft, considering there were many artists doing the same job.

He added that meeting Steve would be the icing on the cake.

Meeting Steve is an added advantage and icing on the cake, him showing interest to have it out of the possible thousands (hundreds of thousand) other artist’s impressions of him is mind-blowing. My profile received a huge boost from this.

Omondi also revealed that he had received a lot of orders from local and international top personalities to have him create more art.

He promised to give updates on these influential personalities to keep his followers entertained with some amazing work.

The young artist’s spotlight saw him featured on International news channel CNN. He spoke of not expecting much to happen from the viral story but added that he was humbled by the experience.

Collins Omondi continues to grow ever since meeting President Uhuru back in 2014 and presenting him with a wonderful portrait.

(H/T Kenyan news)


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