Kelvynboy Allegedly Impregnates Rich American Woman He’s Dating For Green Card

The domestic violence case against Ghanaian Afrobeat singer Kelvynboy still lingers and new evidence keeps coming against him as the day goes by.

Reports circulating on social media suggest that Kelvynboy allegedly impregnated a rich American lady he was secretly having an affair with.

The down flat singer tried to bribe his baby mama when she found out and when efforts failed, he started abusing her physically, the reports added.

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A lady claiming to be a friend to Kelvynboy’s baby mama granted an interview with Ghpage and intimated some secrets that have been carefully hidden from the public.

The lady alleged that Kelvynboy was having a secret affair with the rich woman so he could secure a Green card and become an American citizen.

She said the singer and the rich woman asked Deborah the mother of two kids with Kelvynboy to quote any amount of money so she exits his life but she refused.

Kelvynboy started seeing Deborah, his childhood girlfriend, and Baby mama as a roadblock to his success and he started maltreating her.

Watch the lady speak in the video below.


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