Kate Actress Narrates Her Birthing Experience And How She Bit Her Husband

Kate actress has narrated her birthing experience and how she bit her husband.

Kate Actress says becoming a mother for the second time has been tough as she could not remember anything she did with her firstborn child.

Kate had a QnA with fans on YouTube after being away for five months. Reminiscing on her delivery day, she said the journey has been amazing.

She said:

I do not remember anything from 13 years ago, when I got my firstborn.

Kate explained how the second delivery went from the time her water broke to delivery.

She said:

I had come from a date with my husband and some friends and I was feeling funny.

She added:

At around 4am, my water broke. I woke Phil up and told him babe, the baby is coming. Let me tell you I saw a Maasai-like man jump up and down and he doesn’t sleep with clothes on (she laughed).

She was all cool and with no pain, just those TV kinds of labour and Phil was there to rub her back.

She said:

I told them I wanted an epidural, I did not want the pain, and the doctor told me he will see if he will administer it. Kumbe these guys had colluded with the doctor not to administer it since my labour was fast, and all they kept saying is the doctor is coming and the pain was excruciating.

The pain was too much for Kate Actress and she remembered the YouTube videos she watched before the D-day but they were not helpful.

Baby K arrived:

A few minutes later, Baby K came and I was blessed. Before I forget, I bit Phil as he was trying those movie moves, holding my face to calm me down.

Her daughter’s name is Karla Njeri Karanja.

She concluded by mentioning that juggling between the two children is hard, but she gives thanks to her husband, who has been very supportive.

Adding that many new mums are not doing okay, but with the support and love from friends, family and partners, all will be well.

(H/T The Star)


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