Kanye West To Launch Christian Version Of TikTok Dubbed “Jesus Tok”

Billionaire secular rapper turned born again Christian, Kanye West, has revealed his dream to launch a Christian version of video app TikTok which is dubbed “Jesus Tok.”

According to Kanye, he had the vision while watching TikTok  videos with his 7-year-old daughter, North.

He revealed that it was at this point that he realized that some of the content on the platform is not healthy for underage children.

He was disturbed by the content even though he enjoyed the technology behind it.

The US presidential race aspirant said that as a Christian father, he was obliged to help build a safe space on the technology.

His experience on the platform with his daughter has now made him consider partnering with TikTok developers for a monitored, new, safer and Christian TikTok he already has a name for: Jesus Tok.


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