“Let People Give Their Eggs”, Kamene Goro Supports Women Selling Their Eggs

Ladies, would you sell your eggs for Kshs 50,000? 

Today morning, the Daily Nation newspaper headlines read in big bold letters “Young Girls Lured To Sell Their Eggs”.

girls lured to sell their eggs
image: Daily Nation

The headline probably sparked debate from most readers that set eyes on the story, which included radio personalities Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe. Once again, they were of different opinions, Kamene Goro, supporting the girl child. She argued;

“let people give their eggs. They are yours but I agree the money incentive is not a good one.we are struggling day in and out to make money because there is a struggle for money so do you blame her for trying to make ends meets?”

I wouldn’t, because I’ve been that girl (I didn’t need to make ends meet) but I was a broke university student who was seduced by the idea of having an extra Kshs 50,000. I could only imagine how appealing it would be for someone who needed the money.

Andrew Kibe, like so many men who feel like they should make decisions for women and their bodies, made his argument;

“Do not give your eggs. They should just go to a children’s home to adopt a kid. Why should you go and destroy the lives of others in campus with money by telling them to give you eggs?”

The statement was fair in that women should be careful when getting such operations. However, during their conversation, a gynecologist called in the studio advising that donating eggs is not bad as long as the donor has gone through the right medical procedure with appropriate medical advice before and after the procedure.

Safe egg donation ladies.

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