Kambua Talks About Why She Dropped Out Of University And Her Journey Afterwards

Kambua has talked about why she dropped out of university and her journey afterwards.

For almost every African parent, education is the key to success, regardless of what you feel or think about it.

If you ask around, majority of individuals will tell you they had to go to school because their parents couldn’t take anything less than that.

Kenyan gospel artist, Kambua Manundu fell victim of this, having to pursue her University education because of her dad, until she decided she was no longer going to do it.


Speaking to the media recently for the first time since a long while, the Rauka show presenter recalled how she dropped out of campus to concentrate on her music career.

Up and close with Richard Njau alias Astar, on his YouTube channel Cleaning the Airwaves (CTA), the gospel queen admitted studies were not her priority.

In fact, her late dad, Professor Manundu forced her through school.

Having realized her talent in music at an early age, the TV beauty bagged herself a music tour trip to the United States of America which fueled her passion for music the more.

After the summer camp, I came back to Kenya and started University. I say started because I did not finish the course.

The mother of one was set to pursue a course in Business Administration at the Africa Nazarene University, having just completed her bridging course in Mathematics, after failing the subject while in high-school.

I hated math. I didn´t put any effort to excel in the subject.

Fortunately though, campus proved more suitable to her interests but her heart was just in music.

My grades were good, I appreciated and enjoyed it. But I knew my heart was tagging me in a different direction on campus. I was actively singing. If there was an event I was there.

The shift.

She became popular in the music circles while in campus, slowly drifting away from her studies which she eventually never completed.

Everybody on campus knew there´s a girl on campus called Kambua who sings. I knew music is what I wanted to do and do it seriously.

Her interests saw her go searching outside campus, collaborating with different artists in the field as a background vocal.

My friend was Kavutha Mwanzia´a sister who asked me to audition to be a background vocalist for the song maestro.

Kambua was never choosy, she would even collaborate with vernacular artists, regardless.

I even did some in Kikuyu.

That marked her break in the industry, recording at Kasangas studio and earning from her music. And just like that, her first music debut.

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