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Man, Justin Skye has really gone through a lot.

So remember when we thought Justin Skye and Wizkid were dating and we kept on screaming ‘goals’ when they had a twitter exchange or posted a picture of them together?

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It turns out that they weren’t dating. Either that or they broke up



Anyway, she seems to have moved on, or so we thought when she posted a picture with a basketball player

And of course, Nigerians dragged her for it

Justine Skye Wizkid

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And even when she posted a video where she was working with Rotimi, a Nigerian singer, Nigerians still came en masse talking about how she can’t get enough of Yoruba demons.


Justine Skye at this point

Funke Akindele

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Nigerians read every tweet of hers like she’s subbing Wizkid

Like this one


And look at this response


Last last sha, she’s not having it anymore and she tweeted that (even though she deleted it later)

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So, Nigerians please chill out and leave Justine alone

please sorry meme

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