Just After Hitting 1 Million Followers, Xtian Dela’s Instagram Account Gets Blocked

Just when he had hit 1 Million followers Popular YouTuber and blogger Xtian Dela has had his Instagram account flagged by Instagram management over breach of its community guidelines.

Through his new account, @Morextiandela, Dela said his account was suspended after more than 1,000 of his stories were regarded as ‘bullying’.

Dela ran a series dubbed ‘Toboa (expose)’ through the deleted account, where he highlighted confessions by young people on their sexual expeditions.

The blogger, however, did not seem surprised by Instagram’s action saying his account had been reported severally and that he was already prepared for the flagging.

“Yes! We are down but never out! #TOBOA has grown beyond me. It’s a movement that can never be silenced,” his post read.

He continued;

”#toboa has helped many people. It has also rubbed very many people the wrong way. People who have been reporting my content on a daily basis to Instagram. I get at least 5 reports daily. Honestly I don’t have time to fight Instagram. I knew this day would come. Whether I get my account back or not, we push forward regardless!!”

Xtian has subsequently created a website where he will continue to post his content.


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