Jumanji 4 With The Rock And Kevin Hart Is On The Way

Plans for Jumanji 4 are reportedly already underway, despite the lead actors’ already hectic schedules.

A production timeline for the franchise has reportedly already been set, even though its stars such as Kevin Hart and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson have been busy with other projects.

Producer Hiram Garcia hinted that the third installment in the current series, and the fourth film in the Jumanji franchise, could now be coming much sooner than first anticipated.

jumanji 4

The fourth film was expected soon after Jumanji: The Next Level, which was released in 2019, however the pandemic altered the franchise’s plans.

The actors subsequently went on to work on other projects, with Karen Gillan starring in Gunpowder Milkshake, Jack Black in Happily and Kevin Hart in Fatherhood.

Garcia told Comicbook the pitch for the latest Jumanji film is not only ‘really fun’, but the team is ‘actually getting ready to take it to Sony to let them hear what [they’ve] been cooking up’.

Garcia has recently been working on Red Notice, which also stars Dwayne Johnson, and first launched on Netflix on November 12.

We’ve got a big vision for [the next Jumanji] movie. So we’re fired up for that. We’re taking it in soon. And obviously the goal is sometime after… Jake [Kasdan] is doing Red One for us, so that is going to be next up.

But sometime after Red One comes out, Jumanji is going to be on deck. I feel like we’ll have everything ready by then and we’ll be able to get into that third instalment.


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