Judge Ian Posted Pictures Of His Granddaughter And She’s A Mini Version Of Him

Remember Judge Ian? He posted pictures of his granddaughter recently and they look so much alike.

Ian Mbugua may pass for an tough slave driver thanks to his role as a Judge in the reality talent search show, Tusker Project Fame.

But that is far from the truth, he is a doting father and a grandfather.

His character as a judge was a facade he put on to make the show character interesting.

Going by his social media, he enjoys spending time with his granddaughter Wandia who turns five in June.

In a past interview with the Standard, Ian said he spoils his granddaughter rotten.

1. With her granddad    


2. She looks exactly like him


3. With his wife and granddaughter 


4. She’s so pretty


I used to think that if I ever met Judge Ian I would probably hide or he’d send shivers down my spine. But little did we know he’s another man with a whole family behind him.


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