Twene Jonas Chases Man Who Called Him Homeless In Live Video

Abronye DC, the ruling NPP’s Bono regional chairman, recently launched an attack on US-based social media pundit Twene Jonas.

According to the legislator, he has undertaken thorough investigations into Jonas, who is always criticizing the government and insulting politicians, and determined that he does not own any land in his hometown of Bechem.

The legislator, who is known for his strong attacks on NPP issues, even implied that Twene Jonas is homeless in the United States.

Abronye went on to say that Jonas sleeps at railway stations but often brags about how good his life is in the United States on social media.

Twene Jonas had to deal with an obstinate fan who dubbed him HOMELESS during his regular Facebook Live yesterday.

Twene Jonas, on the other hand, didn’t take it lightly, boasting that his current iPhone can feed a whole family, therefore he’s not worried by being classified as homeless.


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